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Okay, so it's been like 6 months since I've posted here. So what, I've been busy.
I just got back from my cottage and here's some of the pictures that were taken while I was there for the weekend.

Okay so I screwed up somewhere alng the line and I'll have to fix them when I get home from work sorry!

Okay that's all I really have time for right now so I will write more later.

DarkEros - 2:35 PM


~*~a post for posts sake~*~

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Been busy, haven't known what to write up here mainly. ...I still don't really.

I feel more alone than ever right now. I'm beginning to think that this will be the extent of my life for ever. I don't know how to change it, but I am trying to. That's the main thing right?

Change is good.

but then, people say god is good too.

I just don't feel that.



DarkEros - 12:28 AM


Boys are stupid.

Very stupid.

And confusing.

Very Confusing.
Why are boys so stupidly confusing???


DarkEros - 12:38 PM


~*~An inspiration from a fool, no not you Tess, the Flake.~*~

Thine manner poisons villain!
Thou'rt no Knight Divine!
Thine bawdy and unseemly temptations,
doth bring only malcontent and warrant thee
a most merry death!

Ahhh Tess, how well you remind me of oddball websites.

Magnetic Poetry a most interesting site for some most interesting poetry.


DarkEros - 2:19 AM


If the only way you could have sex with Angelina Jolie was by doing Billy Bob Thornton at the same time...would you do it and why?


DarkEros - 1:07 AM


~*~oy vey~*~


Epitome of the day:

Shift Work without enough emplyees, SUCKS ASS!!!!!


DarkEros - 2:29 PM


~*~Sexy Name Decoder/Monster Name Decoder~*~

Thanks JeN! I stole it from her, I think it's cute!!!

Dreamy Amorous Reveler Kindly Exchanging Rapturous Orgasms and Stimulation

Amorous Nocturnal Dame Readily Exchanging Affection

Hmm, oh and one more....

Princess Yielding Xperiences and Intense Indulgence

Clearly if someone is calling me a princess they don't know me very well.

Deadly Abhorrent Redhead-Kidnapping Explorer-Reaping Ogre of Spite

Hmm how well they know me.

Abhorrent Nun-Devouring Redhead-Eating Abomination

Ahh, even better!

Poisonous Yokel-Xecuting Imp from the Isle

From the Isle of what? Mischance? Barbaracy? Is that even a word?

Ahh well it's amusing at least.


DarkEros - 12:25 AM